Bea Ammidown, E- RYT 500
Executive Director
Advisory Council Board

James Bailey, LAc, MPH

Sandra Beckwith

Gay Bordal

Ben Burns, P.T., LAc – Kaiser Permanente rt

Warren Freeman

Annie Goeke

Alicia Landa, MFT

Richard  G. MacKenzie, M.D. – Childrens Hospital LA

Marisa Miller

Penelope Ann Miller

Eta Morris

Ameeta Nanji

Claudette Parnell

Felice Willat

Harriet Zeitlin


Honorary Council

Bruce Beddoe, D.C.

Clara Hori, RYT

Ed Kunkel Esq.

Anne Laval

Danielle Levy

Dean James Loomos

Crisalis Morgan

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Sarah Pointer

Felice Rhiannon, RYT

Thea Soroyan, MFCT