An Impatient Letter From God by Bo Lozoff

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Bo wrote the following article for the Human Kindness Foundation newsletter at Christmas-time, 1989. It was then included in his 1990 book Just Another Spiritual Book . Since then, the essay has been widely circulated, though almost always uncredited. Radio … Continued

Repair and Restore Yoga Classes

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YogAbility *    When you know someone who is injured and can’t participate in yoga class *    For yoga students who are recovering from illness or injuries *    When yoga students are no longer able to keep up in class . … Continued

Your Breath

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We could say that your breath is a truth. You don’t have to interpret it and it isn’t based on your thoughts or feelings. Whatever is going on in Your Life, you breathe in and out. Sometimes you breathe quickly, … Continued

Silence and Solitude

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Silence means – to speak and think by oneself and for oneself Solitude means – all ends in one- oneself- And oneself means all ends Whatever is said by silence contains All  possible meanings or answers. Motabhai Bombay. 1982.

The Healing Beat

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Featuring master drum circle facilitator & music therapist, Christine Stevens . Support UCLArts & Healing in a Festive Program Sampler & Creative Silent Auction . The YogAbility Institute is so grateful to be part of the Creative Silent Auction, and … Continued

Comfy Chair Yoga

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YMCA Santa Monica Starts August 24, every Tuesday 11.15 – 12.00 pm 45 minutes 1332 6th Street, Santa Monica 310-393-2721 . Utilizing chairs and walls, class begins gently and leads to an individualized practice. Students are guided into simple poses … Continued

The Health Benefits of Tears

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by Judith Orloff MD For over 20 years as physician, I’ve witnessed time and again the healing power of tears. Tears are your body’s release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety and frustration. Also, you can have tears of joy, … Continued

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