How, why and what I teach

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The invisible spiritual benefits of adaptive Yoga Therapy for those with  Special Needs including caregivers.


I care about describing  to students  how as a senior who has rehabilitated from serious injuries I was able to restore my body and spirit utilizing the years of recovery experiences with research, becoming ambulatory again and then deciding to be trained to teach and serve others.

Demystifying Yoga to those who will benefit through simple, clear demonstration, emphasizing safety, comfort and faith with poses that soothe, empower and delight.


The ease with which I as a elder am able to introduce Yoga opens the doors of awareness to those who fear attempting this weird 20/30 year old assumed standing on your head exercise program. One on one sessions given to children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or autism where I include the parents and/or caregivers validates how when co-creating a sanctuary, a peaceful space healing happens.

Suggested movements and affirming words for caregivers that are present prove how caring for oneself helps those who care for others, uniting families and helpers. Wheelchair bound individuals with ALS, Cerebral palsy, paralysis, Alzheimer’s or simply aging receive yoga’s therapeutic benefits through breathing exercises, using the chairs, walls and tables as props to support and offer security.

Selected words, music and sounds enliven static elders; calm a frantic teen and/or rambunctious children. Moving to rhythms, listening to old time favorite songs restore and bring delight to the partially sighted and those with dementia. Silence is often a favorite.

The method that is offered enables those with fear, pain and ignorance to experience what Yoga Therapy is. Tools, clues and tips are part of a customized instruction manual and gives light to the issues, diseases, and injuries showing what is manageable.

All bodies have special needs that ask to be acknowledged and respected. From the strongest and able to the ones seemingly weak and suffering.

My mission with YogAbility is to show how all are able for advancement when accepted, acknowledged and guided with responsible professional teaching and lovingkindness.