What is YogAbility?

YogAbility™ is a therapeutic approach to Yoga for people with special needs or disabilities. The sessions focus on breathing exercises, gentle poses, and movement to music, safe stretching, and deep relaxation.

Bea has created a way to bring therapeutic yoga techniques into effective forms by giving attention to people with special needs. There is a wide range of movement adapted to assist one in freeing the body from discomfort, tensions and difficulty opening vital areas of our physical selves; due to compassion, sensitivity and profound personal experience, Bea brings forward a combination of slow movements, with the breath.

It is also important to understand that this practice is for all ages, conditions and those suffering from chronic or acute illnesses. An attribute that students achieve is a peaceful and quiet mind.

YogAbility Classes

On-Going Yoga Classes

Join us to achieve ultimately deep relaxation and quiet mind.

New Students– Please fill out the New Student Form and bring to class!

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Yoga Therapy with Writing

This class brings together the stress-releasing techniques of expressive writing and yoga. Yoga therapist, Bea Ammidown has taught internationally ( fluent in Spanish and French).

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Comfy Chair Yoga

Utilizing chairs and walls, class begins gently and leads to an individualized practice.  Students are guided into simple poses using breathing exercises to follow safe movements that increase motor skills, strengthening muscles and bones and leading to deep relaxation and quiet mind.

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What People Say Have to Say about YogAbility

“Bea Ammidown offers  compassionate, responsible Yoga Therapy  classes  that seems to be just what I need that day. She inquires, listens and addresses the needs. Through her sensitive skilled ability of instruction and demonstration I learn more successfully and can utilize the experience in order to practice on my own. I highly recommend  her personalized, adapted classes where I feel safe, while stretching, strengthening and relaxing.”

– James Bailey, LAc, MATCM, MPH, Dipl Ayu

I have prescribed Yoga exercise to patients over the years.  One patient, in her 70s, recently remarked that since she had started Yoga exercise, she had not had to take one pain-killer for her arthritis.

-Misha Askren, MD  Dept of Family Practice, Kaiser Permanente

“Bea brings a holistic approach to Yoga for children as she plays music and encourages my son to express himself through poses and art. He particularly enjoys doing supported handstands, which strengthen his body and his self-esteem. YogAbility is a cherished time that strengthens his body and brings a smile to his face.”

– Mother of a 7-year-old with Down Syndrome