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YogAbility™ is a therapeutic approach to Yoga for people with special needs or disabilities. The sessions focus on breathing exercises, gentle poses, and movement to music, safe stretching, and deep relaxation.

Bea has created a way to bring therapeutic yoga techniques into effective forms by giving attention to people with special needs. There is a wide range of movement adapted to assist one in freeing the body from discomfort, tensions and difficulty opening vital areas of our physical selves; due to compassion, sensitivity and profound personal experience, Bea brings forward a combination of slow movements, with the breath.

It is also important to understand that this practice is for ages, conditions and those suffering from chronic and acute illness. An attribute that students achieve is a peaceful and quiet mind.

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Speacial Needs Yoga DVD cover

Special Needs Yoga DVD

by Bea Ammidown from The YogAbility Institute

A Compassionate Approach Offering Yoga’s Therapeutic Benefits to People With Special Needs or Disabilities.

The first in a series of unique 60-minute DVDs including patient tested
exercises for Cerebral Palsy, heart and stroke recovery, hip and knee
replacement and Macular degeneration.

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Yoga and Ice Cream

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Debbe 90 years young is my new student sweetly moving in her first Yoga therapy class, she copied my kindergarten students doing the “ice cream” churning I learned from Guru Singh’s Kundalini classes... READ MORE