A Compassionate Approach Offering Yoga’s Therapeutic Benefits to People With Special Needs or Disabilities.


Bea Ammidown from The YogAbility Institute introduces her new Special Needs Yoga DVD
The first in a series of unique 60-minute DVDs including patient tested
exercises for Cerebral Palsy, heart and stroke recovery, hip and knee
replacement and Macular degeneration.
The program consists of guided and supported poses using breathing, meditation and visualization to increase motor skills and relaxation. YogAbility Therapeutics quiets the nervous system and improves muscular strength and reflexes, while building self-esteem and returning harmony to the mind. People who live with physical or mental constraints can experience a new energy and vitality through YogAbility Therapeutics.
*Bonus 14-minute stress reduction segment for Caregivers, healthcare providers and/or beginners.



Bea Ammidown E-RYT 500
A former multi-media journalist, Bea has taught yoga internationally since 1986 and is fuent in Spanish and French. Ammidown has been a Yoga student for more than 40 years. When a devastating accident injured her severely, she used the healing powers of Yoga to mend her body and mind. Bea has developed a safe and empowering program that applies the practice of Yoga and meditation as tools for rehabilitation from injury, surgery and chronic pain. She is a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists.)


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