“I have prescribed Yoga exercise to patients over the years.  One patient, in her 70s, recently remarked that since she had started Yoga exercise, she had not had to take one pain-killer for her arthritis.”

-Misha Askren, MD  Dept of Family Practice, Kaiser Permanente


“Bea brings a holistic approach to Yoga for children as she plays music and encourages my son to express himself through poses and art. He particularly enjoys doing supported handstands, which strengthen his body and his self-esteem. YogAbility is a cherished time that strengthens his body and brings a smile to his face.”

– Mother of a 7-year-old with Down Syndrome



“As always, the Yoga session left me feeling re-energized, calm and newly limber and ache-free. The physical well being was echoed in a feeling of intellectual comfort and tranquility.”

happycrop: Jack7– Paul. W.  , 75 years old, visually impaired

“I am guided with wonderful sensitivity to guild me to move, stretch and breathe.  I come away from each YogAbility session with a sense of well being, relaxation and less pain.”

-Pamela M. , living with multiple sclerosis and Fibromyalgia

“This compassionate practice quiets the nervous system, builds muscular strength, flexibility and coordination, while promoting self-esteem. People of all ages and abilities, from infants to seniors will experience new energy and vitality through YogAbility™.”

– Ability Magazine.

“I find that my Yoga sessions are a wonderfully restorative antidote to the sedentary and often dispiriting chores of daily living.  I come away with my physical self relaxed and reinvigorated and my spirit refocused and uplifted.”

– Charles Champlin ,83

_Charles +b2

“The conscientious attention and experience from Bea’s many years of Yoga practice inspire trust and relaxation. Her classes provide an encouraging and safe atmosphere where we are able to explore our physical and psychological boundaries.”

– Penelope Barnes Thompson, Ed.D. Clinical Psychologist

“The teacher carefully—tenderly—supports the limbs while assisting the patient into simple Yoga stretches…I left my first session amazed at how limber and relaxed my muscles were. For hours I had such relief!”

– Jackie, age 51, recovering from Fibromyalgia.

“Many of my [Watts middle school] students often have a very difficult time sitting still in class. They are highly active children. But when you showed them new breathing techniques and postures, they were remarkably calm and focused.”

– J. Matthew Hartman, 8th Grade English Teacher Markham Middle School, Los Angeles

“Ms. Ammidown’s gentle, compassionate, and playful manner inspires immediate confidence and instant rapport. Ms. Ammidown’s practical and skilled use of chairs and tables as support for easy strengthening poses help to alleviate bodily discomforts while energizing their minds and spirits. My clients await each session with great anticipation and enthusiasm.”

– Jean Middleton, PSW, MFCC County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health

“Bea, herself emanates the qualities of positivity, commitment, caring and human concern that are all essential to the relief of life’s despairs.”

– Richard G. MacKenzie, MD Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles

“As the mother of a young adult with personal physical and mental challenges, the involvement of those that target their energy to focus on this important segment of our population are a gift to us all…Bea has chosen to establish YogAbility in order to provide her interactive, healthy, healing Yoga programs in a safe environment. Her dedication, knowledge, inner strength and commitment to this foundation are commendable.”

– D. Hastings



“I would like you to know that I have benefited greatly from the exercises that my YogAbility instructor Bea has given me. I know that the lunge especially and the supported downward dog pose I do behind the wheelchair have given me more mobility helped relieve some with my arthritis pain particularly in the spine and in my legs. I am 91 and try and do these exercises regularly.”

– Alma Worchester. The Nazareth House


“Bea instills confidence and trust as she modifies safe poses to suit my twenty year-old daughter, Aubrey, who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheel chair.  She supports her back during inversions like the shoulder stand, a requested favorite position.  Such is my daughter’s enjoyment of these classes, that she is now motivated to practice at home.  I see that she is now able to experience movement and relaxation she has rarely experienced before.”

-Claudette, Aubrey’s mother

“The adaptive YogAbility exercises continue to help Andrew, an 18 year old with severe autism and gastro-intestinal issues with his flexibility as well as help digestion, relieve air bubbles from his stomach and decrease tension.  I, the community support companion of Andrew have also benefited from Yoga throughout the past year.  I’ve learned to slow down and incorporate Yoga at least 3 times a week by myself.”

-Wendy Mendivil, Institute for Applied Behavior and Analysis

“Bea Ammidown offers  compassionate, responsible Yoga Therapy  classes  that seems to be just what I need that day. She inquires, listens and addresses the needs. Through her sensitive skilled ability of instruction and demonstration I learn more successfully and can utilize the experience in order to practice on my own. I highly recommend  her personalized, adapted classes where I feel safe, while stretching, strengthening and relaxing.”

– James Bailey, LAc, MATCM, MPH, Dipl Ayu

“Bea’s Yoga Therapy has taught those  suffering from and in recovery from severe and persistent mental illness  techniques to help reduce stress, increase self-esteem and help maintain a healthier lifestyle physically and emotionally. She has been able to involve those that are not intrinsically motivated to exercise to participate in her class and come the following week.”

– Kavindra Jacob, Life Skills Coordinator. Step Up On Second.

A nonprofit psychosocial day rehabilitation center